Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Jonathan Schwartz censors blog comments!!

Wasn't that a "WOW! Are you kidding??"-title? I threw in a comment on Jonathan Schwartz's blogpost, but I guess it was way to radical to slip through the censorship.

Update 2009-03-18, regarding the comment "Hope it pans out": IBM might buy Sun, so maybe this isn't exactly panning out at all! I find this sad - I've always appreciated this Standford University Network "spinoff" and the stuff they have produced. It will be a pretty hard smack in the face for the Open Source business concept if Sun now completely fails with Schwartz' large idea.

" Interesting blogposts; frank and open. I really enjoy them. The logic even seems sound, I hope it pans out!

However, seeing that you changed your ticker to JAVA and all, it clearly seems you think Java actually has a bit of value. I would thus love for you to comment on and explain why JavaFX is a better idea than actually making java on the desktop better and potentially also keep up the idea behind lwuit for those "other screens of my life" (or however that jingle goes) which actually seemed to have picked up a small momentum, or at least interest.

I bet Microsoft and Apple are having a great time for each blunder you do with java on the desktop: You could by this time "owned" much of the development on the desktop and we could all thereby had proper crossplatform software, had you focused on making the java platform "agile" in a much larger way: Footprint reduction and heavy modularization, startup time closer to native and flash, automatic updates, cross platform, media, Swing improvements and new components, applet handling and the list goes on. These things should have been driven a long time ago; they have been glaring and obvious problems all the time. Some of these things you JUST started doing, WAY late but still, with java 6 u10 and the direction this was taking, and then, absurdly, you totally switch direction into JavaFX, diverting focus and resources (and coincidentally it seems several of your best employees in these areas quit), and not least actually fragmenting java GUI'ing into a completely new language with components not easily used in the "old java", to the exceptional annoyance of, as I've understood it, /very/ much of your following. It thus time and time again seems like you pretty much ignore feedback from the community, instead going into totally irrelevant directions - loosing momentum and, importantly, lots of time.

The fundament and the idea behind Java is so good, and the problems I listed aren't that huge - they just need focus, as update 10 showed - so it is just sad to see how you again and again seem to miss the /relevant/ boats! I sadly believe JavaFX will be an extremely tough hill to climb - why on earth would one use anything else than flash? Even Sun themselves use flash for all their presentations - even on these very blogposts. If anything, you might have helped drive the opening of flash and that open screen project, but I guess that wasn't the real aim. And in the meantime, everything else is delayed. Other actors are now taking over the leadership of Java, potentially (and already) fragmenting the place. And as an end comment; What's that absurd situation with Apache Harmony supposed to mean?! - that in no way moves Java forward. "


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