Saturday, March 14, 2009

JCP's EC transparency

This is hilarious:
(From EC September 2008 Meeting Minutes)

Transparency in EC meetings

After a brief discussion of the need to make EC meetings more accessible to JCP members and to the general public, Roberto Chinnici proposed the following motion:

"Minutes of EC meetings (including presentation materials) shall by default be public rather than EC-confidential. The EC will decide by a simple majority vote of those present whether or not to go into private session during which no votes may take place, but for which EC-private rather than public minutes will be published."

Vicki Shipkowitz seconded the motion, which was passed unanimously.

The ECs also agreed that Meeting Minutes will be accessible to all (not just to JCP members). The PMO will remove the password-protection from all previously-published Meeting Summaries, and will remove any "JCP EC Confidential" notices from these summaries. Previously-published Meeting Minutes will continue to be accessible only to EC members. These changes will be effective immediately.

Private Session

The ECs then went into private session for a discussion on the negotiations between Apache and Sun.



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