Monday, February 25, 2008

Too much verbosity in generics!

Why do I have to write the following bold part:
Map<SomeLongClass, SomeOtherThing<Another>> myPoint = new HashMap<SomeLongClass, SomeOtherThing<Another>>();

(Update 2009-03-03: As you probably already knew, I am not the only one realizing this!)

As far as I know, anything else than a verbatim copy of the stash that already is present in the declaration of that variable/field is a compile error. So why do I have to type it?? Argh..!

And OH so annoying Eclipse behaves if you haven't yet imported Map while writing that line - because if you've come to the point where you're about to write "Hash.." and then think that it would be reeeally nice if Eclipse could just autocomplete the rest of that shit for you, it doesn't quite work! And at that point it doesn't help to arrange imports either, because the code is currently to uncompilable for poor Eclipse to even understand what you're aiming at, so you'll have to delete up to the equals-sign, stash in a semicolon, then arrange imports, and finally start up with the "Hash..." again, now having autocomplete functionality at the ready. Grr..

Please, someone: I'd like Java itself to remove the need for that duplicated stupidity, and then Eclipse to be better at trying to compile partially if it doesn't understand the line the cursor is on (so that at least arrange imports would work at the described annoyance), and finally, I'd like some extra-super context-assist for writing the line in the first place - letting Eclipse know of the standard implementations of all Collections, and also picking up the classpath. For that matter, it could do such stuff all the time.

(And while I'm whining: Blogger doesn't handle <'s and >'s in "rich text" mode..)

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